This spot for the 2022 holiday season was one of the first longer form Kroger ads I've done, and Hornet's latest overhaul to the Kroger style of adverts. With plenty more room for storytelling than the usually 15 to 30 second spots, it meant there was also more expected in regards to visuals. Under the guidance of Yves Geleyn and Michael Thurmeier, we built this Kroger world with an abundance of hand-painted textures for a lived-in and almost doll-like feel.​​​​​​​

responsible for lighting and foreground elements look development (excluding book)

On this project I was primarily responsible for food shot lighting, and look development on characters and assets. I worked on majority of the texturing for both young and old Isabella in particular.
responsible for lighting and some asset look dev
As always, thank you to my leads for their guidance and support, and for the rest of the Hornet team for letting me be a part of another great project!
Happy holidays!

responsible for some environment and asset look development

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